Back to the spring

“Back to the spring” is a short video story about our emerald river Soča. The video takes us on a journey through fresh rapids and emerald pools until we reach the spring. It invites us to stop for a moment, go down the memory lane and envision the future.

At present it is almost imposible to come to us and to go upstream along the Soča Trail back to the spring of Soča, so this video should take you there. There will be enough time to come visit us and to discover how beautiful our river is. Soča will be waiting for you.

Simon Gregorčič, a slovenian poet, dedicated one of his poems to the beauty of the river Soča. Here is one part of it. Enjoy!

To the river Soča

I like to look into your lively waves,
These green-blue waves;
The dark green of highland grass
And the cheerful azure of the heights
Have flown together with delight;
From the dew of the blue skies,
From the dew of green mountains,
You have drunk your beauty –
You are splendid, daughter of the heights.
(Simon Gregorčič)
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